Viet Nam Clips

Smoke Generator, FOUND!

brian wizard donates combat gear to the nasm

Above you see the combat flight helmet I wear in my award-winning documentary about the Vietnam War, as I steal the enemy flag from their compound, flying by standing on the skid of my helicopter, Pollution IV

Pollution IV was the 118th Assault Helicopter Co.'s smokeship. The NASM has a Huey that has a history of being a smokeship, that is why Roger Connor contacted me, as my book and movie tell the story of a day in the life of a smokeship in combat. After I donated my helmet and scarf, I told Roger that until he had a smoke generator in the Huey on display, he just had another Huey. Of course, his question was, "Where do we find a vintage piece of equipment like that." I told him, "Hold that thought, I'll get back too you."

Soon enough I had the missing part, and Roger had it installed, so now the Huey on display is complete.

brian wizard donates nasm-2brian wizard donates nasm-3

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