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Minding My Own Business, as per usual


A fun filled walk down a busker’s path toward finding a home and success.

Running time is 47 minutes. Suggestions: Do not play through any tinny, tiny, device speakers. Download it Here to a USB stick and play in your vehicle or high quality home device. Set all EQ levels one third up from the bottom. Sit back, or drive your way through this story. Ten original Brian Wizard songs, written and performed by Brian Wizard, with musical assistance from: Bob Gilmore, keyboard, Hugh McDonald, of Redgum, consultant, guitar, James Lick, lead guitar, Linda Vista, bass, The band, Trap the Clown, and Brian Wizard playing: M60 machine gun, flute, rhythym guitar, harmonica, keyboard, tamborine, vocals, as well as author, narrator, songwriter, and executive producer.

IF any band or producer likes the idea of the FRO and thinks it would become a big hit with a redo, new singer, etc. I am up for that. Or if anyone thinks they have some good songs that could use some narration woven between them to tell a story, I'm up for that, too.

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