Various Fun Videos

Crystal Mounts video

This six minute video is me talking about my summer of 2018 line of Quartz Crystals mounted on Cherry Wood.

As you will see, I'm still riding the swooping learning curve of video production. The first section has the bright sunlight washing out the details of my face. This isn't a bad thing if you think about it.

The edits are smooth, the music, of my own creation, Hitchhiking Man, found on the CD Brian Wizard Sings for his Supper, works well enough for the intro and exit audio. Part of the title is missing. I might fix it, I might not as I hate backtracking, and it matters little.

You cannot believe how hard it was to keep those moths inside that box until I opened it. What a great effect that depicts the truth behind the storage details of the story. It's funny.

You can find each art piece on my website using the Sculpture link (Here it is: in the Menu section on the left of any page, with prices, and the note: No Reasonable Offer Refused.


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