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Cherry Wood Quartz Crystal Mounts

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Quartz Crystals on Cherry Wood Mounts

Over the summer of 2018 I created 13 wooden mounts for quartz crystal specimens that I picked up in Hot Springs, Arkansas while I visited there in January.

The reason I went to Hot Springs, known for its quartz crystal mines, is that in Oct. 2017 I did a cleanup of storage space and found a box with 18 cherry wood plaques I had reproduced in 1988 using eight routers connected to ones stylus. The stylus followed the three designs I created out of plaster. I completed six crystal mounts in '88 and have only one left out of that production run. When I opened the lost box of artworks I said, "I found MONEY!" Therefore, Hot Springs, Arkansas was on my list of places to go, where I bought enough crystals to finish off the remaining wood mounts. I have six more to complete next year.

There are three repeated designs, and one I whipped up out of tamarack only because I could. Two designs are wall hangers, the other design sits on tables.

Each are signed, dated, and numbered. Here's an example of each design, with more under the Sculpture link:

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Also remember: No Reasonable Offer Refused.


       6x12 inches                               9x18 inches                                        5x7 inches

All sizes are approximations and be sure to mount the hangers into a wall stud.

 Yes, they may appear to be expensive, but if you had to make them yourself, you'd find them worth every penny of time, effort, talent, and money I ask. After all, they are art pulled out of the immaterial metaphysical world, where I like to shop in the store of Great and Wonderful Ideas.


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