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Flasher, the dolphin

$63,000.00 each

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So I'm out there in the forest trimming and thinning, basically fighting the forest fire before it arrives. There I see this broken tree and in it I see a dolphin. I cut it down, dragged in home and over an 18 month period this is what I came up with. The wood is mounted into a pipe and the pipe is welded to a metal frame, all below ground. The rocks around it you don't want to ship. I suggest the alternaves of sand, or local rocks.

The piece has the name "Flasher" as an insert/remove erect dolphin penis cast in tin that goes with it. A joke, conversation piece, a memory maker. Why did I do that? Because I can.

The top coat is spray-on rubber, the wood is treated with wood preservative. There are also several anti-rot plugs.

Not yet, but soon, I will spray on some florescent paint as highlights, allowing some nighttime viewing. If you don't like that paint, we just hit it with another spray of rubber, or you can paint it with any colored latex paint you'd like.

Cheers, BW

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You will now see Flasher the Dolphin out of the black suit and into a more colorful paint scheme, which proves one thing: If you don't like the paint scheme you can change it.

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