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Bronze Morel Mushroom

$600.00 each

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These two bronze morel mushrooms represent the largest morel mushroom I have ever found in my surrounding forest. The process is long and complicated. First I made a plaster mold, burned out the dried mushroom, replaced it with tin, then smoothed out the tin with clay, and then made a rubber mold of the mastered piece. In that mold I poured two wax castings. I took the tooled master wax pieces to Tim Park's foundry and he turned them into bronze replicas. 

The stand 7.25 inches tall, are hollow, and look really nice. Each cost me $300 to make, so I'm just doubling my price to $600 each. Of course, my standard negotiation offer is open, "No reasonable offer refused."

Yes, they are signed and numbered.

I suggest you buy the two, offer me a package price, and then send me a photo of them sitting wherever you put them, possibly one on each end of your fireplace mantle, or bookshelf.


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