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Bazil, the landlocked sea serpent

Bazil, the landlocked sea serpent
Bazil, the landlocked sea serpentBazil, the landlocked sea serpentBazil, the landlocked sea serpent
$160,000.00 each

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Sometimes trees simply grow bent. I found a few with bends that lend their shapes to the different parts of Bazil, the wooden serpent I carved from three bent trees using my chainsaw and angle grinder sander. This project took 540 hours over a three year period. The trees are not just stuck into the ground. Each piece has its own metal base that the tree set into. Before being set, the wood is copper coated, a below the ground wood treatment, then covered in roofing tar, then aluminum foil, and then set into concrete, with a spray on rubber coat over that. No, it won't last forever if left out to the elements and not treated annually. It will last the rest of my lifetime, as I will take care of it, and yours too, if you take care of it.

I did not know why I had such a strong desire to create this art piece until it was done. Then I saw it, it's from an early cartoon show called Cecil and Beanie. Cecil was the sea sick sea serpent, and Bazil is its cousin.

This piece is my magnum opus of chainsaw art, and yes it is spendy, but the price includes delivery and setup anywhere on the west coast of the USA.

Maybe, if the money comes in, I'll have it cast in bronze. I'll take orders for that, so get in touch if you'd like a bronze copy.

 Remember: No Reasonable Price refused.


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