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Bronze Mother and Baby Whales

Bronze Mother and Baby Whales
$6,500.00 each

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    One of my first pilots in Viet Nam is Mike. When he lived in Hawaii I went to visit him. He had ocean kayaks and out into the ocean we paddled. Suddenly, less than sixty feet away, a momma humpback whale popped up between us. Then came her baby. Both of us were impressed, neither of us had a camera.

Later, as you can see in my DVD Therapy, I took a piece of mudstone and carved out the scene I saw in the ocean that day, the momma humpback whale, with baby . A couple years later, I had three bronze reproductions made.I have already sold one, here is another one for sale. This photo depicts the original in stone to the left, and the second photo is one of the remaining two for sale.

artwork 066

The size of the bronze, from tail to nose is 11" and from side to side is 8". The bronze piece and weighs approximately 13-15 pounds. 

 The Original in Stone is not included in this offer, only the two bronze castings.

Remember: No reasonable offer refused.


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