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Crisis wreaks havoc on the planet Quir after uncontrolled population growth depletes all the natural resources and pollutes the air and waters. The hierarchy devises a two-phase operation that will enable the upper class to survive. Phase One is to eliminate most of the human inhabitants by introducing a lethal virus into the general food and water supplies. While this virus runs its course, the upper class secludes itself to live on hoarded supplies. Still, that is not enough of a cutback to save the remaining 888 human survivors. Phase Two of the survival plan brings about the Year of Transference. During this time, robot technicians extract all the survivors’ human brains to slice and dice them into lima bean-sized condensed brains. A robotic surgeon inserts the small brains into the CPUs of robot frames, thus creating a race of Quir-bots that will live forever on very few natural resources.

Nine hundred and fifty years later, four Quir-bots that were young and unaccomplished during the Transference suddenly want to break out of the Quir-bot box and make a positive difference in their lives. They covertly purchase a military spaceship and send it through a Dark Energy Wormhole, which transports them to the far side of the Milky Way and into the host solar system of the human-bearing planet, Earth. Their goal is to study how real humans live, unrestricted by Quir-bot limitations and social rules.

Watching from afar is one thing, but going in to conduct hands-on research proves to be exactly what their project needs, and so they go, inserting their condensed Quir-brains into commandeered human Earthlings for an experience far beyond their greatest expectations.


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