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Then and Again DVD

Then and Again DVD
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This DVD has a 52 minute running time. It is the same video as its revision, "Then, Again, and Beyond" but without the "Beyond" segment, as it was produced prior to the revision. Therefore, there is an overstock, hence the very low price.

Part 1, Thunderhawks, is an amazing depiction of a day in the life of an Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam, composed of unique combat footage shot by the crew of Pollution IV in 1969.
Part 2, Make Friends Not War is a healing return trip to Viet Nam 30 years after the filmmaker's return from the war.

This video won the New York Independent Film and Video Film Festival's Best Documentary (short), Las Vegas Screening, in 2005.

What this DVD lacks is the addition of segment three that is found on the revised DVD, "Then, Again, and Beyond", which depicts the permanent display within the famed halls of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, in Chanttly, Va. of Brian Wizard's custom-painted helmet, platoon scarf, photo, and the missing smoke generator Brian found, bought, donated to the museum.

With the revised version being the latest and greatest DVD, all duplications will be of that DVD, hence, we have an overstock of this earlier version and need to unload them. Still, this earlier version has some great footage, a great story, even though it only has the one music video, (I dont' want) Permission to Kill, and lacks the "Beyond" segment of the new DVD and its two new music videos.

For the low cost, you can't beat the value if all you are looking for is some combat and healing.

Review from a fellow airman-


Bravo my friend, and I mean that sincerely. Hands down, that is the best documentary about the helicopter war by a veteran I have seen to date. The three major parts: 1969, 1999, and the Smithsonian dedication represents a true full circle experience yet put on film.

Your film stands alongside "The Shadow of the Blade" as the two best video presentations about the Army helicopter experience, for successfully reaching beyond the threshold of the undefined, and reconfirming the elements that bind us together, those of the in-country Army helicopter fraternity.

Not only was your narration insightful, genuine and perfectly in-sync with the images, they were also playful and honest too. Your documentary ends a 40 year drought of unfulfilled explanations of what went on over there in Nam and fills a huge void to the benefit of viewers now, and in the future.

Congrats Brian, you've done a great service to the community of man, because of your not forgetting, history has gained a whole new bunch of pages in the chronicle of that particular time, place and human activity.

John Brennan: SP5 Flight Operations Coordinator with the 114 AHC, 1970-71, noted Viet Nam historian and author of the books, "U.S. Army Helicopter Names in Viet Nam", and "U.S. Army Helicopter Nose Art in Viet Nam."


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