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Will He Make It Saga Paperback

Will He Make It Saga Paperback
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The Will He Make It Saga contains Brian Wizard's three Viet Nam War related stories, Permission to Kill, (Third Edition) is the initial story that depicts a year of combat in the Viet Nam War based on the author's personal experience, as well as some input from other combat soldiers. Back in the World and Permission to Live, cover thirty years of post war experiences, which Willie Maykett, the story's protagonist has to contend with and overcome to stay alive in the war within himself as he tries to adjust to civilian, post-war life . . . and possibly death, as a permanent door gunner of the prestigious smokeship, Pollution IV.

The award-winning video, Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond" is a must have accompaniment to this set of books.

These three stories are also available a individual ebook on this website. Permission to Live has a Continuation of the story that adds ten more years to the saga.


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