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Humming Blade, a musical instrument

$400.00 each

humming blade models

Brian Wizard designs and produces the Original Brian Wizard Humming Blade. It says so right on the blade, so it must be true.


"What is a Humming Blade?"

The HB is based on the concept of a musical saw, but without the teeth, choosen lengths and thicknesses, and specially handcrafted Brian Wizard mounts, instead of a tiny saw blade handle stuck between your knees, or wherever.

In the photo above you see the three models, all self-explanatory. The $400 dollar price is for a complete kit, which includes your choice of model and mount, and your choice of length and thickness of the blade, as well as a basic instruction manual, a Squirrle, which is custome made blade bender that slips onto the narrow end of the blade, an inexpensive beginner's bow, and rosin for the bow.

 artwork 073


The mount that is in most demand and availability is the sit-down model. What is advantagous to this model is that the design of the mount slips underneath one of your thighs. It is so much more comforable than a saw handle. There are four styles of sit-down models: Feather, Leaf, Wing, or Ladle.





The hole in the top middle is for a nail or screw in the wall so you can hang your HB out of the way, yet accessible.

I have the stand up model, with adjustable height, and an articulate head, for finding your perfect angle (left), or the stationary head.


Any fool can play a Humming Blade.


After practicing and finding all the notes, it simply becomes an exercise of ear/hand coordination best performed by muscle memory and heartfelt soul.

I hope you buy a whole kit or just a blade and a mount. I want to hear you play. All the other accessories you might already have or you can buy on your own for less than what I have to charge. As this site develops, there will be a page for accessories, to include moving-blanket cloth carry bags with an over-the-shoulder strap, outside pocket for accessories, and a bow pocket on the inside behind where the HB slips in.

I'm not quite ready to fulfill any orders yet, but if you are interested, do use the Contact link and let me know.


sig bw



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