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Heaven on Earth Paperback (Lg Print Ed)

Heaven on Earth Paperback (Lg Print Ed)
Heaven on Earth Paperback (Lg Print Ed)Heaven on Earth
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Heaven On Earth

Glory, the Daughter of God, carries the title of the Princess of Love, yet she has never experienced true love in the Earthly ways of humans. She lives in the Source, from whence we all came, where the spirits have two-dimensional nigh onto shapeless bodies. Glory longs for the afterglow of human love, but Supreme Law forbids her the experience. When opportunity strikes and escape is possible, she takes it.

Ann, a drug-overdosed California gal whose spirit is held in Limbo during a comatose period, becomes Glory's earthly hostess. Together the two spirits share Ann's body. After they go through a period of personality adjustments, Ann assists Glory in finding true love in the material plane, and the afterglow she seeks.

Of course, Satan, Glory's sibling, who rules his own underworld kingdom within the material plane, challenges Glory's existence in the material world, where she does not belong. The challenge turns to conflict and in the end . . . well, that's for you to read about.

After reading this story, you will not be able to say, “The Devil made me do it.”

This story is also available in all Ebook formats in the Ebook section.

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