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Life Immaculate the making of an angel- Paperback

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To look upon a shooting star is to see the celebration of an angel’s birth. No one knows what waits for the dead. To "know" there must be verifiable proof from independent sources. This story is pure spiritual satire, but is as real as all the other stories that pretend to know what waits for the dead.We have but one spiritual life that develops over countless physical manifestations. Find your spiritual tower and climb it. At the top you'll find your reward: to become a guardian angel and live a life immaculate. Your job will be to make it fun for all that need a little spiritual bump.


Just for fun, have a listen to Brian Wizard play the baritone ukulele as he sings the song found within the story:


Retail Price: $28 Online discounted price: $20 plus p/h.

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