• Juniper Cobra

    Juniper Cobra

    The Juniper Cobra is the third of three 2019 art pieces. It is made from a bent juniper tree, wire, caulking, and epoxy paste.

    You can read how it was made by clicking the following link:


  • Mounted Dragon Head

    Mounted Dragon Head

    This mounted dragon head is the second of three 2019 sculptures. It is made by coating a coyote skull with wire, caulking, and epoxy paste, and finally paint, and then mounted on a piece of wood, ready for hanging on a wall as one would a mounted big game trophy.

    The embellishments are tin.

    You can read the short photo story: How I Made the Mounted Dragon Head by clicking the link below.

     Mounted Coyote Dragon Head.pdf


  • The Brian Cone


    The Brian Cone is the first of three in the 2019 sculpture series of products. It is made from cedar and pine. You can read how this piece was produced in the short photo story linked below.




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