• Pollywoggalin All Day


    There I was, minding my own business, as per usual, standing on a bank of the Lazy Frog Pond when I was approached by a school of pollywogs. I decided that the next day I would video said school and put sound to it.

    The next day, I showed up to the pond with video camera in hand. To my disappointment, school was in, and all the pollywogs were huddled together into a small area of the shallow end of the pond in the sun-heated water. I had to return five times through the course of the day to finally find school out.

    The pond had a thin layers of tree pollen covering it, so it wasn't a clear shot.

    I shot what I wanted, and then took my electric ukulele and made a soundscape that set the mood by mimicking what the music made above the pond sounded like to the pollywogs beneath

    Connect your external speakers, turn them up a bit, and enjoy the show.

    I smallsig

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