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  • Free Viet Nam War Video Medley by Brian Wizard

    Brian Wizard's DVD, Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond"has three music videos woven around the three narratives.

    CLICK HERE for a FREE viewing of the medley. 5'10" run time:

    Please note: The footage was filmed using the state of the art home movie equipment of the day, a Super 8mm camera, vintage 1968. Therefore, the quality is not the best. The industry could not yet spell video or HD.


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  • Viet Nam Music Video

  • Viet Nam Music Video Medley

    This is a medley of three Brian Wizard Viet Nam War music videos.

    All three are parts of the greater works, the award-winning documentary, Viet Nam, "Then, Again, and Beyond."

    The documentary is available on DVD and a download.

    The footage was filmed with the state of the art home movie equipment in 1968, a Super 8mm movie camera. No one knew how to spell HD, yet.


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  • Viet Nam, "Then, Again, and Beyond" FREE

    Brian Wizard's award-winning documentary will be FREE until Memorial Day 2022 to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our military men and woman who fought and died in harm's way.

    For full details visit:

    With my 8 mbs connection the download takes far beyond the time for my attention span, but if I let it go whilst I do something else, then the download will complete.

     Run Time: 66 minutes. 

    IF you like this FREE video documentary and would like to support this veteran's lifelong work in keeping the history alive, feel free to toss a donation into the busker's hat via:

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    Live, Learn, and Enjoy,

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