• Brian Wizard's Novels

    This is another Show and Tell video. In this one I talk about all the novels I have written and independently published. Click this link to view it:

    Note the end monologue: Books are the best gift as they can be opened and shared repeatedly.

    The stories are in paperback and eBooks only on Buy direct and save the retailer's markup.


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  • Hear Us Sing

    There I was, minding my own business, as per usual, outside sitting beneath a tree, playing some simple guitar cords, when many of my forest friends came to join in. They love sing-alongs, so I let it rip.Be sure your external speakers are connected, on, and turned up, as is your computer's sound control.

    Make it FULL SCREEN by clicking the Expand icon bottom right corner of video when putting the cursor on the video.

    Rejoice in song and sing along,

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  • Making a Log Chair

    Here's another video in my Learning How to Make Videos exercise. This one depicts the creation of a piece of chainsaw and other woodworking tools. The insertion of photos and the stabilizing of the audio from two pieces of equipment was a challenge. I hope it worked. Click the link below and we'll see if it works, or not. Remember to make the video full screen using the icon at the bottom right, and use external speakers for the best audio.


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