Smokeships, Always Leading the Way Photo E-Book

Smokeships, Always Leading the Way Photo E-Book
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This award-winning photo book is based on the combat role of its author as a permanent door gunner on the prestigeous combat assault helicopter smokeship, Pollution IV, during the Viet Nam War.

This is a non-readers dream book as it is less than a 5000 word narrative weaved around 169 combat photos shot by the author and the crew of Pollution IV and other helicopter flight crewmembers. Most photos are frames taken from the award-winning documentary produced by the author/filmmaker Brian Wizard, Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond." Running time: 66 minutes and it covers 40+ years of dealing with combat stress issues, in a most positive manner. Winner of the NY Inide Film Festival 2005.




Best Photo-Book about Smokeships ever published!

Of course, it is a one of a kind and no one has ever written or done any photo journal like this one that filmmaker/author and artist extraordinary Brian Wizard has created.  We are talking about “Smokeships Always Leading the Way” photo-book, - a truly historic and informative look at something that few have even heard about let alone seen any photos of in action.

There are many great photos in this book from his award winning film – some of which have been on display in the Smithsonian in Washington DC. The photos of the author capturing enemy flags are truly something very special.  This book is an education and is something that captures a piece of The Vietnam War that just a very few old combat veterans know about and remember.

I saw these smokeships in action on several occasions myself when flying with the 128th Assault helicopter Company – and they saved lives! Throwing down smoke screens so our Hueys could land in the LZ and drop off ground troops. The screens provided cover for them as they scrambled  from the helicopters by masking where they were.

After you read this book and savor its photos – you might then wish to see the video that they were taken from. It is a blood chilling rush of pure adrenaline ! I love this book and totally recommend buying a copy!

W. H McDonald Jr.
Founder of the Military Writer’s Society of America
Author, award winning poet, artist, minister, advocate for veteran’s issues

2013 stars and flags award

Brian Wizard's, "Smokeships Always Leading Way" Winner!
Best military photo book of 2013
Awarded by Stars and Flags in Branson, Mo. Veterans Day.

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