Permission to Kill, E-Book

Permission to Kill, E-Book
Permission to Kill, E-BookPermission to Kill, 4th Edition E-Book
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Permission to Kill, in eBook formats, is a fictionalized account of the author’s combat experience in Viet Nam, and stories told to him by other aviators, all combined to depict a fast moving, high-flying, front line defining life as a aerial combat soldier based on facts and truths, real action. PTK is Book I of the Will He Make It Saga, a trilogy that covers 30 years of war and post war conditions and conditioning.

A great support product for this book is the author’s award-winning DVD: Brian Wizard’s Viet Nam: “Then, Again, and Beyond.”

In 1968, young Willie Maykett arrives in Viet Nam. He trades up from a dull and boring mechanical routine found in a motor pool and into the high-flying combat role of an assault helicopter door gunner. First, he flies on Blue 10, a troop carrying slick helicopter of the Thunderhawk flight. This is the lifestyle books and movies come from, so Willie keeps a diary, take many still photos, and reels of Super 8mm film.

It is an exciting, dangerous and daring lifestyle, but it is not enough. Willie wants more action. He soon finds his wish come true as he replaces wounded crewmembers on the company smokeship Pollution IV. Pollution IV’s mission is to fly slow and low into the enemy territory 150 meters in front of the ground-pounding troops onboard the Thunderhawk flight, defining the front line of war from a step beyond, laying a thick smokescreen for the landing helicopter to hide behind as they drop off the troops. The action is constant; the thrill of flying alone keeps Willie’s adrenaline pumping. Taking on the enemy like no other helicopter can using Bertha, the door-mounted fifty-caliber machine gun, the crew of Pollution IV earn every sunset, as they live second to second, second to none.

Winner 2004 MWSA Gold Award Read Review

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