Space Egg Book 3 E-Book

Space Egg Book 3 E-Book
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Space Egg III

A Half-Twist of Fate

Space Egg: Book III continues the Space Egg Trilogy and the amazing adventures of Ayre Light and his wife, Dawn, from Earth to the Caluron Empire, which is a third of our galactic pie away from Earth. In this segment of the trilogy, you meet Beenie-Bong, the Mother and Beenie-Bong, the Father, as well as many characters that live and die on the Caluron Empire planets Corpucus, Pottswit, and Zeron.

Dawn finds herself confinded by the religious clerics on the planet of Pottswit, only be tried and sentenced to a life in prison. This is when the underground resistence steps in and steals her away from the religious rulers, hiding her in the underground leader's hideout.

Ayre finds himself inprisoned on the planet known as the Land of No Soap, where he initiates the Shinny Bob Gang. His main goal is to escape. After months of hard labor in the underground maze of the planet's one landmass, Ayre does escape, but not to any place real. Once again, he sits with the Master of All things, Ima Gawd, the Jeweler. Ima Gawd explains how he has chosen Ayre to correct an oversight, end the war that is destroying the Caluron Empire, and unify all the Caluron people into a peaceful and properous future.

This story will bring you home from an exciting, albeit arduous, adventure.

Read on, read on, read on,

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