Space Egg Book 2 E-Book

Space Egg Book 2 E-Book
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Space Egg II

A Half-Twist of Fate

If you have read Space Egg: Book I then you know about Ayre Light and his amazing space egg adventure.

Since that story won the Military Writers Society of America’s Best Fiction Award, author Brian Wizard felt the story needed a sequel. As it turns out, two sequels came forth and now we have the Space Egg Trilogy.

In Space Egg: Book II, we follow newlyweds Ayre Light and his wife, Dawn on another space egg-related adventure. Hold on, as this ride is out of this world, as the aliens introduced in Book I come to the conclusion that Earthlings are direct descendents of their own kind, who long ago escaped the new social controls put in place over the Caluron Empire. The only way to prove this concept is to bring back DNA samples, or . . . living examples. Therefore, the three Caluron Gatherers kidnap Ayre and Dawn and take them a third of our shared galactic pie away from Earth.

Unfortunately, the Caluron Gatherers return to their empire only to find it at war with a newly discovered planet's society. Before the kidnappers and kidnappees are able to settle into a comfortable life within the empire, the war splits them up into two groups. Ayre and Dawn hold onto the hope they will one day be reunited. This hope is what will compel the reader to continue into Book III.

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