Permission to Live

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Book III of the Will He Make It Saga


Permission to Live is a story based on the author’s struggle to get the military to acknowledge his invisible but permanent scar of war; PTSD/Combat Stress. For Smokeship Veteran Brian Wizard, this third book in the Will He Make It Saga tells the story behind his long and contentious battle with the VA to take responsibility for the man they created.
As is with any third book of a trilogy it is best to read the two previous books.
The lesson revealed in this story applies to all wars and the subsequent combat-stressed returned veterans might experience. Recovery from war should be as important as the mental, physical and tactical preparations for war.

This version of Permission to Live has the Continuation of the lifelong story experienced by its author. There are healing events that lead to a happy ending, maybe, as the story has not ended at the time of this note.

Read, learn, and share the suggestions and advice to help other veterans of war to recover from the mental damages done,

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