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New Book Release for 2010

Brian Wizard's Space Egg Trilogy


Follow the wild, out of this world, adventures of Ayre Light as he deals with a half-twist of fate on this planet, and others. You’ll meet up with Ima Gawd, three aliens from the Caluron Empire, a third of our galactic pie away from planet Earth, and the amazing specimen of Divine Energy dubbed, the space egg.

Includes all three books below (available separately and as a set - see left for ordering)

space_egg_1001If change is as good as a rest, but you're not tired, do you really want things to change?

Space Egg: Book I

The Space Egg Trilogy begins with Book I, in the deep north of Queensland, Australia. By pure chance, Ayre Light obtains a wayward piece of Divine Energy he and his friend Billy dub, the space egg. Physical and mental manipulations send Ayre on a wild ride after he develops perpetual motion, and encounters aliens who believe the space egg belongs to them.

space_egg_2002Space Egg: Book II

In Space Egg: Book I you read about Ayre Light and his amazing space egg adventure.

Since that story won the Military Writers Society of America’s Best Fiction Award, author Brian Wizard felt the story needed a sequel. As it turns out, two sequels came forth to create the Space Egg Trilogy.

In Space Egg: Book II, we follow newlywed Ayre Light and his wife, Dawn, on another space egg related adventure. Hold on, as this ride is out of this world.

space_egg_3002Space Egg: Book III

Space Egg: Book III continues the Space Egg Trilogy and the amazing adventures of Ayre Light and his wife, Dawn, from Earth to the Caluron Empire, which is a third of our galactic pie away from Earth. In this segment of the trilogy, you meet Beenie-Bong, the Mother and Beenie-Bong, the Father, as well as many characters that live and die on the Caluron Empire planets Corpucus, Pottswitt, and Zeron. This story brings you home from an arduous, exciting and thought-provoking adventure.

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