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New Releases

New DVD Release for 2010

The revised edition of Brian Wizard’s DVD: Viet Nam,

“Then, Again, and Beyond.”

Brian Wizard 'Then, Again and Beyond' DVD

(Running time: 66 minutes)

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Release date June 11th at the Enterprise, Oregon VFW with public showing.

Part 1, Thunderhawks, is an amazing depiction of a day in the life of an Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam, composed of unique combat footage shot by the crew of Pollution IV in 1969.
Part 2, Make Friends Not War is a healing return trip to Viet Nam 30 post war.
Part 3, is a showcase event at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, Virginia that keeps alive the story of smokeships forever. This film is forty years in the making and may not be finished yet.

This DVD is a revision of its predecessor, VietNam: “Then and Again” withthe addition of what comes beyond the end of the last version. This DVD contains three segments instead of two and follows the ongoing story that began in 1986 with Brian Wizard’s original VHS video Thunderhawks, now the first of the three segments.

Thunderhawks is composed of actual combat footage shot in action by the crew of Pollution IV, the 118thAssault Helicopter Company’s smokeship in 1969.

The second segment tells of Brian Wizard’s return to Viet Nam 30 years later, in 1999, appropriately titled, Make Friends Not War. This is a healing experience for both sides of the war.

The third segment, Smoke’n Our Way into History, takes place at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum’s Vertical Flight Collection in Chantilly, Virginia. Curator Roger Connor showcases Brian Wizard’s ongoing dedication to keep alive the story of smokeships of the Viet Nam War. Now on permanent display is Brian’s custom-painted flight helmet, his platoon scarf, photo and the missing smoke generator Brian located, purchased, donated and is now installed on the NASM’s Huey helicopter that has a history of being a combat smokeship during the Viet Nam War.

This DVD contains three music videos, as well. Your Days are Numbered, (I don’t want) Permission to Kill, and Smoke’n Our Way into History, all written and performed by Brian Wizard and friends.



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