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Permission to Kill: Fourth Edition

Permission to Kill Fourth Edition

In 1967, Willie Maykett joined the United States Army. It's here that we begin the Will He Make It Saga. The Thunderhawk flight: ten "slick" troop carrying helicopters, four gunships, a Command and Control helicopter and one company smokeship called Pollution IV, deliver ground troops to suspected enemy locations throughout the Third Corps of South Viet Nam. Join Willie Maykett and the crew of Pollution IV as they define the frontline of the Viet Nam war from one step beyond, living second-to-second, and second to none.

New Book Release for 2010

Brian Wizard's Space Egg Trilogy


Follow the wild, out of this world, adventures of Ayre Light as he deals with a half-twist of fate on this planet, and others. You’ll meet up with Ima Gawd, three aliens from the Caluron Empire, a third of our galactic pie away from planet Earth, and the amazing specimen of Divine Energy dubbed, the space egg.

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New DVD Release for 2010

The revised edition of Brian Wizard’s DVD: Viet Nam,

“Then, Again, and Beyond.”

Brian Wizard 'Then, Again and Beyond' DVD

(Running time: 66 minutes)

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Release date June 11th at the Enterprise, Oregon VFW with public showing.

Part 1, Thunderhawks, is an amazing depiction of a day in the life of an Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam, composed of unique combat footage shot by the crew of Pollution IV in 1969.
Part 2, Make Friends Not War is a healing return trip to Viet Nam 30 post war.
Part 3, is a showcase event at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, Virginia that keeps alive the story of smokeships forever. This film is forty years in the making and may not be finished yet.

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