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Space Egg Book 1 E-Book

Space Egg Book 1 E-Book
$4.50 each
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Space Egg 1

A Half-Twist of Fate

If change is as good as a rest, and you're not tired, do you really want a change?

This is the question Ayre Light, pilot, poet and finder of the alien space debris he and his best mate, Billy, dub the Space Egg are forced to ask. Curious as to the makeup of the strange material, Ayre takes a long, strange journey down a path that leads him to discover the half-twist of a Mobius strip, perpetual motion, alien Gathers of such material, and has a short metaphysical visit with Ima Gawd, the Toymaker and creator of Divine Energy. Yet, this truly is a love story.
Space Egg, A Half-Twist of Fate, is Brian Wizard's first Science Fiction story and Book I of the three book series.

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