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Space Egg Trilogy

$13.50 each
E-Book Formats

Space Egg Trilogy

Three ebooks under one cover.

The Space Egg Triology is only one e-book containing all three e-books of this wild whime of a tall tale that takes the reader into different worlds for different reasons. The story contains serious doses of fun, space debris, perpetual motion, aliens, alien worlds, kidnapping, cultural differences, religious edics, rebellion thereof, and change, which is always as good as a rest.

Each e-book is also available as individual e-books. The Trilogy, with the 3 books in one file is discounted to $19, instead of the $24 if you buy individually.

Space Egg: Book One won the MWSA's Golden Book Award for Sci-fi. The fun of winning an award led me to write the two sequels.  

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