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Viet Nam, "Then, Again, and Beyond" FREE

Brian Wizard's award-winning documentary will be FREE until Memorial Day 2022 to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our military men and woman who fought and died in harm's way.

For full details visit:

With my 8 mbs connection the download takes far beyond the time for my attention span, but if I let it go whilst I do something else, then the download will complete.

 Run Time: 66 minutes. 

IF you like this FREE video documentary and would like to support this veteran's lifelong work in keeping the history alive, feel free to toss a donation into the busker's hat via:

bwphoto BW

Live, Learn, and Enjoy,

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Life Immaculate, the making of an angel

Welcome to Brian Wizard's Twenty-first Century EBook Club

Featuring: Life Immaculate, the making of an angel,

Brian Wizard's latest novel.

STOP! For the PAPERBACK version visit:


bw l i a fcYou'll see details of this eBook presently available at the bottom right corner of the catalogue. For the paperback edition click the link above.

The cost of an eBook is much less than paper, with immediate delivery, no postage, and just as much of a good read, and presently available below.

The gist is: What makes an angel? Countless lifetimes as a singular spirit, always learning and growing during the climb up the Spiritual Tower. At the top is the reward: Angel Status. Pure and Free of Sin will be the next lives onward.

This story is an alternative to other stories that pretend to know what waits for the dead. The answer is: rebirth and more life.

You can check your own spiritual well-being and progress as you ride along with Zephyr and John Angel during their road trip to fun.

 Meanwhile, and just for fun, here's Brian Wizard singing the ballad created inside the story, playing a baritone ukulele: Buried in the Dirt of Boot Hill


Reading puts the theater in your mind.


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Of course, you see there are many more great Brian Wizard stories in eBook and paperback. The Avid Reader discount will be announced once the current discounts run their course, approximately in late June. All purchases of any story will automatically be put on the Avid Reader's Discount List.

EBook discount

In celebration of all the fun to be had by reading books, all Brian Wizard eBooks are now offered at a FIFTY PERCENT discount. From $9 down to a mere $4.5.

No coupon needed, discount already applied.

Enjoy the reading,

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Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond" Doco

Then Again and BeyondAdd to CART: Viet Nam Documentary

This documentary brings to life images from the novels "Permission to Kill" and Photo Book, "Smokeships Always Leading the Way." It was shot in Viet Nam during the war by the crew of Pollution IV. (Filmed on Super 8mm film, so don't expect the Hollywood quality of fake stories.)

The story continues another 40+ years with a return to Viet Nam in 1999 "Make Friends Not War" and onto the amazing debut party a smoke generator found, purchased and delivered to the Smithsonian Nat'l Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Va. and installed on the Huey there with a smokeship history. "Smokeships Always Leading the Way."

From battlefield, through a healing return, and into a National Hall of Fame, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. That's what one self-driven veteran can do with a little help from his friends, yet no corporate sponsors.

It also has a killer original soundtrack and three original Brian Wizard music videos.

Running Time: 66 minutes. The MP4 Format plays on almost all devices.

It's not HBO, it's not NetFlix, or any other corporate entity's production. It's pure Brian Wizard, totally independent and WINNER of Best Doco at the NY Independent Film Festival.

NOTE: The download file may take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your download folder, so be patient, please.

See the short video of the day Brian Wizard donated his flight helmet to the Smithsonian in the Video section top of Home Page. Find it here

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Free E-Book: Smokeships Always Leading the Way (photo book)

Smokeships Always Leading the WayPollution IV was the smokeship of an American Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam. Brian was a permanent gunner on this Huey. With a crew of five, this ship laid down smokescreen-cover for the Flight Formation of nine landing, troop carrying, Hueys. Pollution IV defined the front line from a step beyond the call of duty. They were an all volunteer crew.

Download it for FREE:  Smokeships Always Leading the Way

"Enjoy the FREE Reading and come back for more Brian Wizard E-Books at the Ebook Store"

New Stuff

dream story cover webThe latest NEW novel: Dream Story, are you an existence dreamer or a lucid dreamer? This story will answer that question, and hopefully give you the better dream experience.

Paperback, a mere $20, plus priority postage.

Click HERE

Ebook version, Epub or Mobi, for the low price of $5.

Click HERE


Brian Wizard's paperback books are now E-books, as well.

Certificate of E-book Participation

   For the complete list of E-books click on this link: E-book List

For a personalized and handwritten Certificate like the one above use the Special Payment Link and send $5 via Paypal to Brian Wizard, with inscription and delivery instructions. Here's the Special Payment Link: Special Payment Link.

 Listen to what young Lizzy Taylor has to say about this super deal in the Free Store's Video section:

Lizzy Taylor

Nigerian 419 Scam

Nigerian '419' Scam

Con 14

Brian Wizard's accounts of his private contractor's fight against Global Financial Terrorism known as the Nigerian 419 Scam.

For the books and audio book click this link:

Nigerian '419' Scam


Original Brian Wizard Humming Blades

Brian Wizard's Original Humming Blades.

humming blade models

Brian Wizard makes the Original Humming Blade and pictured above are the three models, all self-explanatory. This store page needs more work done to it, but for now you get the gist, yes? 

The player bends the blade using a custom built wooden Squirrel, and strums the blade with a cello bow. Based on the likes of a Musical Saw, only safer, no teeth. The blade covers one and a half octaves, plus some high harmonics.

To hear an example of the sound click here to the video Moon Dance: Moon Dance, featuring the Humming Blade

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