NEW MOON! I'm so happy. The last one brought on some very odd things. A lot of education, from inner redesign with my acceptance of all the strange looking and acting people out there, to learning how to manipulate my website. Bottom line: treat me with respect, carry on an intelligent conversation, show me some aspirations, ambition, and positive contributions to this society, and I'll be your friend, and help you. Otherwise . . . you know. On website manipulation, practice, Practice, PRACTICE is the key.

What's on for this new moon cycle? Perhaps a recalculation is necessary. There are two ways to do the math to find how many moons you've lived. There's the 'on average' 28 day moon cycle, or the more specific 29.5 day lunar cycle. The former is for the layman, the latter for the astronomers. By the former calculations I am living under my 855th moon cycle. By the latter I am younger, a wee lad of 809 moons. The number doesn't really matter. I must ponder my choice of number. I might recalculate. Younger is funnier.

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Moon 854 is soon to be history . . .


humming blade models

It's the Brian Wizard, "Me, Myself, and I" Humming Blade Band.

Flute is one instrument I play and another is the Humming Blade. I produce these little beauties in the three different models. You might want to click the Humming Blade link on my Product's menu and have a look-see at what I have going on. That page is also a work in progress in regards to my learning how to manipulate my own website. It ain't easy, I don't like doing this, all the how-to details are very hard to remember. Me, I'm old school in the sense that if I want something made I use my hands to bend, hammer, twist, mold, and physically persuade the material world into the shape I want. Typing is about as much computer savviness that I care to know, yet, here I am trying to master something as simple as an article. I don't think I'll last long at this. The sun is shinning, the temperature is climbing, and I'm sitting inside tapping out senseless chatter no one will read. Idiot that I am. I have 13 books to backup my claim to being an idiot. Spending precious time and money on a nigh onto dead art form. No, I take that back, the art of writing is alive and well, its the art of reading for entertainment that is dead. Dead in the head of a large percent of the masses who are too lazy and dumbed down to read a story, good or bad, as they are too busy watching some silly sit-com on TV, or playing some childish video game, or passed out from too much alcohol or drugs. The poor buggers.

The gist of this missive is, my Moon 854 is almost dead. It has been a hard moon to live under. It started with the failed but successful road trip. I went to Reno, merged myself with the city lifestyle, most of which I describe at the end of the last paragraph, and saw that there is no way I needed to spend any time trying to sell them a copy of my latest novel, so I turned tail and went home. Good call, as everywhere else I was headed had one kind of sickness or another laying in wait for me: stomach or head flu. My Gawd is great for steering me in the right direction: home to my wilderness paradise.

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Easter Day, so they say . . .

brian wizard 2011This is me five year ago, for those that don't know. Yup, I'm a knife and gun toting musician. I have a flute and I'm not afraid to use it. I am also a concealed handgun instructor, and licensed nationally to teach, and to carry in the 34 intelligent states that understand the value of the trained and responsible people carrying concealed handguns in order to be legal, safe, and protected,

I am writing these first few missives, never to be called 'blogs' again as I don't like the word, presumming most people reading them don't know me, haven't met me, nor have they read much of my work.

It being Easter today, just for fun, go to the Free Store on my home page and read the short story: What Would Jesus Do? It has a happy ending. It also reveals my imagination, and writing style. Remember I'm an American Fiction Writer and I can and will make things up as I please, standing firmly on my First Amendment right to do so.

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Moon 854, and introduction . . .

bwphoto BWThe above photograph is my most famous photograph. It was snapped by Thunderbird Crew Chief Dave Norton back in 1969, in Viet Nam, during the war. I’m holding my M60 machine gun, as I was a permanent crewmember of the prestigious Thunderbird Smokeship, Pollution IV.

By the way, today is National Viet Nam Veteran Appreciation Day. The best support this veteran receives is beyond words, it is a purchase of any of my VN War related books or DVD, found at: Go to my website,, select any product, then in the coupon/discount box type . . . veteran . . . and you’ll get $5 off.

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