Brian Wizards 'Therapy' DVD: Life at Tope Creek Lookout - Directors Cut

$20.00 each


Therapy is a documentary on DVD created by Tope Creek Lookout owner, renovator, and savior, Brian Wizard.

Running time: 2:56.

This documentary covers the moment of Brian’s arrival to his newly purchased estate, the Tope Creek Lookout, and follows his life there over his first ten-years. You see him take the rundown, shot up, abandoned property from close to its demise into a beautiful park-like setting. The tower is stronger now that the day he bought it in 1991. You see Brian making art, playing music, plowing snow, as well as spotting, calling in, and extinguishing forest fires. He lives the dream.

WARNING! This DVD video contains:
Naked man cartwheeling, naked man kicking and beating with mallets on an empty 3500-gallon metal drum, bare bum moon, and the peeing over the edge of a 103-foot tall tower, from a man’s point of view.
The rating of this video is NT. (Nature Themed.)
If you can’t handle nature, seek counseling.
You have the right to exercise your fingers as a defense against seeing anything you don’t like by sticking said fingers into your eyes until the scene passes.


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