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Preloaded BW Bookshelf

$200.00 each

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The Brian Wizard Preloaded Bookshelf is designed and produced by Brian Wizard in his wilderness workshop.

The wood is pine and there are two presently available. The lighter stained one has a little bit better design to it, but they both work the same.

The bookshelves are expandable, to add more of Brian's upcoming productions.

Included on the shelf are:

Fifteen stories in paperback form, the 419 Scam audio book, the award-winning Viet Nam DVD, and one original music CD.

Please NOTE: This shelf is heavy in both content and weight, therefore it must be secured into a wall stud or solid wood paneling no thinner than a quarter inch.

The merchandise is discounted to ten dollars each.

Neither shelf will be brought along for the upcoming nationwide Assimilation Tour. Any orders placed before a spring return to home will be noted, with confirming email note stating that the order will be sent in spring 2018, money refunded, order info recorded and a PayPal invoice  sent when shipping is available.

It's an idea to mull over until spring. Great idea, nonetheless.


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