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Brian Wizard

  • 2020 ABC Radio Interview (Australia)

    Back in the early 1980s I emigrated to Australia and began my independent publishing career, which has lasted over 39 years so far, and still going. I launched my first handmade edtion of 960 copies of Permission to Kill, my first novel. I took the first backpack full to Cairns and sold them at Rusty's Marker, an outdoor weekend market.

    In 2020 I returned to Cairns, and Rusty's to offer the latest eBook versions of all of my 15 novels using my Three for Free promotion, standing in the exact spot I did 39 years prior.

    I also set up a follow-up radio interview with ABC radio to proclaim this historic event. I video recorded the interview. The room was very dark, as recording studios tend to be so the techs can easily read the instrument levels, but it's really not the visuals that are important, it the conversation. So have a look, a listen. Yes, it is a repeat of my life's work of documenting what the Viet Nam War did for me. The lessons are still important, so pay attention.


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  • Hound Dawg

    Dedicate to my Sixth Grade Classmates, Brian Wizard performs the song Hound Dawg, whilst playing an electric ukulele to bring the Sixth Grade pantomime he did in front of the class up to date and real. Remember, Brian has had no professional training on any instrument or singing, so he just does it all by the seat of his pants and for the fun of it because he can, being the Master Expressive Artist that he is.



  • The Brian Cone


    The Brian Cone is the first of three in the 2019 sculpture series of products. It is made from cedar and pine. You can read how this piece was produced in the short photo story linked below.




  • Training


    Screenshot 2019 12 20 Settings Training


    My latest music video to get me through a bout of boredom. It happens.

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