Permission to Live

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Permission to Live is a story based on the author’s struggle to get the military to acknowledge his invisible but permanent scar of war; PTSD. For Smokeship Veteran Brian Wizard, this third book in the Will He Make It Saga tells the story of his long and contentious battle with the military to take responsibility for the man they created.
As is with any third book of a trilogy it is best to read the two previous books. In this case, though, if the reader is a combat veteran from any war and uses his/her own combat experience as the first book instead of BW’s Permission to Kill that will suffice and keep the story personally real. For the second book instead of BW’s Back in the World the combat veterans substitutes their own battles and challenges to deal with their return to civilian life, the reader will understand the second book.
My story applies to all wars and especially today as our combat-stressed veterans return home. Recovery from war should be as important as the mental, physical and tactical preparations for war.

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