Radio Interview on Writing for a VA Claim

...and a personal appearance in Branson, Mo.

The Ebook, Smokeships Always Leading the Way, has a normal price of $8, but in honor of Veterans Day and Brian Wizard's upcomoing interview on the Veterans News Hour internet radio show November 6 ( from Sept. 18th through November 14th, this ebook's price is reduced to a mere TWO DOLLARS, and is part of the above mentioned 21st Century Digital Viet Nam War Anthology, although it can bepurchased separately, as all of the anthology ebooks and video.

On Nov. 6, the interview with David Cory and Rick Hurly, two lawyers who are champions of veterans' rights, will host Brian Wizard and the topic will be: The how and why of presenting a VA claim's case in a meaningful written tesitiment to any veteran's combat experieince in order to enhance a VA claim.

Smokeships Always Leading the Way, is an excellent example of how to use words and photos, if available, to clearly depict how the veteran was injured in combat.

This award-winning photo book is based on the combat role of its author as a permanent door gunner on the prestigeous combat assault helicopter smokeship, Pollution IV, during the Viet Nam War.

This is a non-readers dream book as it is less than a 5000 word narative weaved around 169 combat photo shot by the author, the crew of Pollution IV, and other helicopter flight crewmembers. Most photos are frames taken from the award-winning documentary produced by the author/filmmaker. Brian Wizard's, Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond."

The documentary is on DVD or for immediate viewing it is a downloadable file at:

This video is composed of actual combat footage the likes of which most people, veterans and civilians, have never seen the likes of before. This is no Hollywood remake.

Read the story and listen to the show if you are actively involved in a VA Claim.

Brian Wizard will be at the annual veteran week in Branson, Mo. giving away FREE Certificates of Autograph Authenticity to anyone who can present an order number for any ebook. It is impossible to autograph an ebook with pen and ink, and now in California all autographs must be accompanied by such a certificate.

If your computer or other electronic device does not have an ereader program, go to and download that ereader. It is FREE and will read either epub of mobi formats.

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