Three Free E-Books to Celebrate Brian Wizard's 2019 Aussie Tour.

Shindara 4c1144c20dca8Shindara is a dolphin tale from the dolphin’s point of view set off, and on, the coast of Australia. Written for everyone, with a target audience of the 14-year-old in us all. Come to Shindara, the home water for a community of Bottle-nosed dolphins, who are hosting this year's Harmony Festival. Fight along with Hap and his girlfin Shelly as they learn anything is possible with turtle magic! Join them for some high-spirited adventure.

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Space Egg Book 1 4ca4ac598d001"If change is as good as a rest, and you're not tired, do you really want a change?"

This is the question Australian Ayre Light, pilot, poet and finder of alien space debris has to ask after he and his best mate, Billy, dub the egg shaped fallen debris as a space egg. It has the shape. Curious as to the makeup of the strange material, Ayre takes an arduous journey down a path that leads him to discover the half-twist of a Mobius strip and its perpetual motion when applied to the alien material. Alien Gathers of this material who can track such debris give chase after the human that has stolen their bounty.

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Space Egg, I is Brian Wizard's first of the Space Egg Trilogy. Space Egg II and III are available in the: Ebook Store


Smokeships Always Leading the Way

Pollution IV was the smokeship of an American Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam. Brian was a permanent gunner on this Huey. With a crew of five, this ship laid down smokescreen-cover for the Flight Formation of nine landing, troop carrying, Hueys. Pollution IV defined the front line from a step beyond the call of duty. They were an all volunteer crew.

Most of the photos come from frames captured from the Brian Wizard's award-winning documentary, Viet Nam: "Then, Again, and Beyond." This book is a non-reader's dream with under 5000 words and 169 combat photos shot by the crew of Pollution IV and others. This is the real deal.

To see the action within the pages of this photo book come to life, watch the documentary, which covers the next 40 years of how Brian followed up on his dreams to bring the role of the smokeship to the attention of military history. From battlefield into the National Hall of Fame, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Until then, this book will sit you in the door of the smokeship Pollution IV as seen by the crew.

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Brian's first novel now in E-Book Format, Permission to Kill, tells the life of a smokeship door gunner through one tour of combat. The Will He Make It Saga, which contains the two sequels; Back in the World and Permission to Live, with a Continuation, covers the next 40+ years of Brian's battle with the aftereffects of war. All e-Books.

Believe me, it has a happy ending, I think, the story is not over yet.

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