Master Expressive Artist Brian Wizard is the Boss, the Hero, and the Star

The bold announcement above is a mighty strong statement, we all agree, but the facts prove the points. The geneses of all of the three-dimensional and intellectual properties found on this website originated from the mind and body of Brian Wizard.

These are the solid points of proof:

The Boss is the one with the creative genius to envision the original ideas and organize all that it takes to bring the idea into a complete product and duplicated for commercial sales.

The Hero of the industries of art and entertainment is the individual that has the craving to make what doesn’t exist, exist.

The Star is the person we see performing the creative tasks, be it making the art, singing the songs, or using the pen, computer keyboard, tools, or camera.

Brian Wizard is a master at all three roles, and you will find his mastery of art in all of his works displayed on this website, so please do what the creative genius cannot do: consume his entertaining work.

Buy direct from the artist and you will save money and receive autographed, personalized books, with some editions numbered, and other three-dimensional works accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.

Changes are coming to how books will be published. E-books is the main goal for sales. Why? Instant and FREE delivery, with low prices. GO E-BOOKS!


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