• Latest Book

    Latest Book

    Crisis wreaks havoc on the planet Quir after uncontrolled population growth depletes all the natural resources and pollutes the air and waters. The hierarchy devises a two-phase operation that will enable the upper class to survive. Read More
  • New Book

    New Book

    Space Hunts is an adventure story about the main  character’s survival in the wilderness of a foreign planet far from Earth. Aliens beam up this human (by accident) along with his three deer friends (no accident) and deliver them to a game preserve meant for the alien elete. Read More
  • Vietnam


    Let me take you to a historic time and place, the Viet Nam War, through words, photos, film, and song. I flew on the prestigious combat assault helicopter, Pollution IV, as a permanent door gunner. 1968-1969. Read More
  • Fiction Books

    Fiction Books

    I tell a good tale be it fiction, fantasy, or fact. Shindara, Heaven on Earth, and Space Egg are all a liberal use of my poetic license to spin a tall tale of fantasy. So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a few journeys through my unbridled imagination. Read More
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